DMI Seminario di service design


“Service Design: Key Methods and Strategies”

Seminario organizzato dal Design Management Institute di Boston ( per il 16 e 17 settembre 2009 a Londra. Il seminario sarà condotto da Oliver King, co-fondatore e direttore di Engine.

Estratto del programma:

This seminar will focus on practical methods and strategies that professionals can use to deliver great service experiences. Through case studies and interactive sessions, the seminar will also show how to employ customer centric approaches to innovate services, from empathic techniques to uncover what customers want through to co-creation and creative methods to develop new service propositions. Participants will not only learn how to develop customer-facing propositions, but also understand what needs to happen behind the scenes to ensure a good service performance.

Ma soprattutto è interessante a chi si rivolge, dal momento che si tratta delle figure professionali che dovrebbero avere a che fare con il service design:

Services are delivered through systems of people, products, and processes. For example, a bank relies on front line staff, branch offices, ATMs, credit cards, statements, call center representatives, etc. Anybody who is involved in managing, designing and delivering one or multiple aspects of a service system can benefit from this seminar. Design managers, marketing executives, and internal teams responsible for customer insight and customer experience will find this workshop particularly interesting. Professionals from the public sector can also benefit by using Service Design to better inform the policy making process and to develop services that are more meaningful and useful for local communities“.

Programma e informazioni:


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